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High School Study Abroad – Treat Yourself to a Year of Adventure As a 16-Year Old

High school study abroad provides an excellent outlet for curious teens, for fun-loving teens, or for teenaged students who are captivated by exotic cultures. Perhaps these 16-somethings just want to learn a new language.

International high school study abroad programs can be a very refreshing change of venue while also offering unimaginable adventure and opportunities.  Both of my children spent an academic year in such programs and it has deeply affected their lives.

High school study abroad generally involves as homestay because the students are not old enough to live independently in their own apartments. In the best of circumstances, you are truly incorporated into the family.  

It’s a deep immersion in which you really have two families from that moment forth. You do what the family does; you meet the relatives. You have an extended family and endless “cousins”. It can be a marvelous time.  

You go to school with the locals, if you are lucky. You develop international friendships that can last a lifetime. You can really position yourself for your college applications.  

Every student I know who studied abroad for an academic year was accepted into their first or second choice college. Of course, there are no guarantees, but that has been my experience.  

There are many reputable high curtin university school study abroad programs. In fact, there are too many to mention them all, but a short list of international student exchange programs for high schoolers appears below:

  • AFS Intercultural Programs
  • YFU (Youth for Understanding)
  • CIEE
  • People to People
  • Edu-Culture International (ECI)
  • LeapYear (17-21 years old, but some high schoolers can complete their high school education with this program)
  • Seamester
  • Intrax Study Abroad
  • Experiment in International Living (summer programs)
  • ASPECT Foundation
  • Two Worlds United Education Foundation

Do your research and due diligence. No one program is appropriate for everyone. Select the program that’s best for you. Talk with returning students and ask them about their experiences. Check into the longevity of the program.

So, if you want to study abroad, and you follow the tips and advice I have laid out above, you can look forward to one of the best years of your life.

Angela Arnold is an educator, author, consultant, and study abroad enthusiast. In addition to her own graduate school study abroad experiences in France, she is the mother of two children who studied abroad during high school.

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