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What is Dianabol? An Outline on Its Natural Muscle Building Benefits

Dianabol is a dietary supplement that is one of the most prescribed in the gym today. This is because not many people know about it. Metabolism and weight loss are the two main things that Dianabol aims to treat. Androgen, also referred to as dihydrotestosterone or DHT and sold under its generic name dinabol amongst others, is a hormone that when metabolised in the body increases the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

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As the levels of this hormone rises, the size of the muscles also increases. So much so that many athletes like Usain bolt, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rashida Jones have used it to gain those edge over their opponents dianabol. There have been multiple studies and results on the effectiveness of Dianabol when used for muscle growth and weight loss. This is why it remains a Gym favorite even after all these years.

The gains of Dianabol using simple training methods like weightlifting, squats, bench pressing has proven to be effective. However, to ensure that the gains are not just physical but mental too, the workout should include the addition of some intense strength training exercises. And Dianabol has the right stuff to do that. The combination of a complete workout and d-bal compounds allows the user to experience muscle mass gains of up to 33% without getting into extreme bodybuilding mode.

Dianabol, despite being a relatively new gym drug does have its share of side effects. However, these seem to be relatively minimal when you compare to other anabolic steroids. Side effects of dianabol can include nausea, cold hands, headache, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, depression and even liver damage. However, these are all relative and temporary effects and with proper dosage and regular monitoring, there are no permanent or long term negative side effects to be worried about.

Another common and reported side effect of dianabol is increased hunger and appetite. This can pose problems especially for persons on prescribed diet pills as their bodies will be unable to cope with a sudden increase in calorie intake. However, this is also seen as a benefit as more calories are consumed in the body leading to further gains in muscle mass and strength. And to be sure, if the d-bal supplement is taken after meals, the d-bal stimulates the production of ghrelin or the hunger hormone which results in improved meal digestion. Also, since the administration of dianabol inhibits glucose entry into the muscles, the body burns more calories during rest. This further promotes leanness and less fat gain.

Although many people claim that dianabol is very effective when it comes to gaining muscle mass and strength, the question still remains whether it is safe or not. It has been reported by users that despite its being an effective muscle building supplement, there were some minor, short term, side effects. Some of the side effects included mild dizziness, nausea, and headaches. These are easily solved by discontinuing use. One major drawback of dianabol is its similarity with other steroid-based products such as prednisone. Because of the similarity, it has been banned by the FDA and is only available through prescription from a doctor.

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