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Company Formation and the Formalities of Registered Office

Among the various things involved in company formation, registered office holds special importance. There are some dos and don’ts connected with this office. One who is in charge of looking after the matters related with the formation of the company must keep all these things in mind and put them to use as and when he needs.

It is dictated by the company law in the UK that every company should have an office that can be used for official purposes. This office will remain registered with the Companies House, the authority that looks after the matter of company formation in the UK. All the posts from this authority will be sent to this address.

The legalities involved in registered office say that the office should be within the places meant for the purpose. This means that one cannot open the office anywhere in the UK. If the company is being run in anywhere in England then 秘書服務 the office should be somewhere with this place. If the company functions in Wales or Scotland then the office should be within the jurisdiction of these two places.

Another important fact about registered office is that the name of the company should be displayed in front of the office. In similar fashion, the products or stationeries of the company should have the address of the registered office written on them. Furthermore, the Companies House should be informed if any changes are made in the address of the office. During company formation, on should keep all these facts in mind.

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