Breaking News – Blog Saves Life

Your business life, that is. If you have an internet-based business of any kind and you’re not using your blog, you’re putting a proverbial gun in your mouth and inviting your competitors to pull the trigger. It just doesn’t make sense to have access to that powerful a weapon in your marketing arsenal and not use it. The search engine spiders that determine your page rank are roaming the web right now looking for new content and you haven’t added any. Why?

All colorful metaphors aside, the blog is an incredibly easy way to add regular dynamic content to your website and communicate with your clients, peers, and prospective customers. Best of all, it’s not expected that you be a literary giant when you post on your blog. If you have a thought, open up your content management system and fire away No one is expecting you to write Pulitzer material. On the contrary, most readers will be looking for a more readable, conversational style when they visit.

What’s new in your industry? Has anything interesting or humorous happened in the office? Do you have a new product or service ready to roll out? These are all blog fodder and no one knows more about them than you do. Why not tell the world? You might even pick up a few regular readers who decide to shop at your store. You don’t have to try to sell them anything. If they like what you have to say, they will patronize your business. Imagine that. You’re not even a professional copywriter and you can bring new customers in with your words on a blog post.

Speaking of professionals, if you don’t have time to write every day, you can hire someone else to do it for you.¬†Content writers¬†are everywhere these days. Some of them are even pretty decent at what they do. Take a few hours and do a little homework. You’ll find someone who mirrors your thinking. This may be hard for you to take, but those brilliant ideas you’re having right now probably aren’t original. Convey your thoughts to a good writer and he or she will put words to them. That’s what they do best.

Finally, burn an RSS Feed and submit your blog to as many directories as possible. Every time you publish a post thousands of people will get to see it if you use RSS. Blog directories are good for that also, as is social media like Twitter and Facebook. Make a new connection or two every day and eventually your business will show signs of life. Your blog can be the catalyst to get it all started.

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