A Quick Analysis of the GoDaddy Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans

Whenever you read articles discussing the three hosting plans of GoDaddy, know that what they are talking about are the normal hosting plans GoDaddy . These plans fall under the shared hosting plans. However, the GoDaddy dedicated servers plan is pretty different. It has a real computer entirely dedicated to you. It is like having your own server in your office but without having to worry about where to put it, how to put it, and all the safety requirements that one may think about.

Unlike the hosting plans that many of us know of, the dedicated servers give you the full and unlimited or unrestricted access to the features and the size of the particular hosting plan. When people attack servers through increased data transfers, you will not need to worry because you will be safe from fluctuations in performance as a result of the usage. This means that you will have fewer chances of downtime compared to those on the shared hosting pans.

The economy goes for $69.99 for the monthly plan. From this, you’ll have 240 GB of space and a RAM of 2GB. The maximum bandwidth is limited to 500GB.

You’ll need to part with $99.99 per month if you choose to go with the monthly plan under this GoDaddy dedicated servers plan. You’ll get 2 GB of RAM, 600GB of storage space and you’ll be allowed 1000 GB of monthly bandwidth.

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