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Why Do People Have Blogs?

A big reason for many is just the fun of it. They treat it kind of like a pubic journal, a public diary. They share their thinking, their thoughts and feelings, what is going on in their lives.

Some blogs are primarily for information. To spread the word about some topic dear to the heart of the blogger. They are passionate about some topic and want the world to know about it.

Some blogs are primarily for discussion. The blogger is looking for feedback, and interaction among the commenters, trying to stimulate dialogue Often he/she has a particular point of view and they are attempting to convince people they are correct. There’s nothing wrong with this at all- we all believe certain things and sharing that with others and trying to get them to accept our viewpoint is fine.

Some blogs are trying to make money. Again, nothing wrong with that. What I have found is that the most successful money-making blogs are ones that provide plenty of solid information right IN the blog, free. Then sometimes people will want more and seek out the products or services the blogger recommends. Blogs that are JUST out there to make money (as opposed to helping people) don’t do well.

Many blogs are out there to help people. My sister has a blog that tries to help people become more self-confident and have greater self-esteem. She’s 16 and has transformed herself from a moderately shy girl to a strong independent young lady brimming over with self-confidence and enthusiasm. She wants to help other people have what she has.

My blog is about becoming a teenage millionaire. What I think, how I got to where I am and so on. My goal is to help other people who may have the same goal (becoming a millionaire), but also, and just as important, to improve their lives in every area. By sharing on my blog, hopefully I will help people with that.

Bloggers post about all kinds of things. A mom who has a parenting blog might post about trails or struggles that day with her children, maybe some special challenge. I might post about a principle that has to do with happiness and/or wealth and how you can apply that in your life to make a difference. Someone might post an article about some topic, some news on their interest. Something like “News Release Details the Number of New Teenage Millionaires in the World.”

Blogging is pretty easy, basically free, except for the time invested in setting it up and maintaining it. So lots of people have blogs. Some are very popular, some aren’t. Some have people who work at keeping them up, some set them up and them more or less forget about them.

There are some really good blogs that are not very popular (or popular yet), little hidden gems. I’d suggest when you find a good blog, subscribe to it. And let your friends know about it as well. And you can also help bloggers become better by providing comments. I like to keep my comments mostly positive.

You can also tell a blogger what kinds of things you’d like to see. Someone might tell me they’d like to hear more about the seminars I’ve gone to, or why I think they’re important. Then I’d be likely to write about that.

The best blogs are the ones where the blogger is passionate about their topic. You will be able to see that in their writings and posts. No one wants to pay attention to a wishy-washy writer.

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