Should Blog Posting Be Methodical?

Does your blog posting follow a logical process by talking about or dispensing information on the same topic? What is being discussed here is whether it is important to maintain a certain ‘continuity’ with your blog entries. In order to become one of the top bloggers in your field obviously you will need to generate traffic and then of course keep attracting visitors back. The question is does the sequential process of your updates, in terms of the specific theme of the content, affect the popularity of your site? Does everything need to be presented in a logical order or is it OK to deliver it in random fashion like a Quentin Tarantino movie where it all comes together at the end?

Here is a look a 3 points to consider when deciding upon the direction to take and maintain with any new blog entries and how it may effect your traffic.

Many practices have a blog, because someone, somewhere has told them that they need to have a blog Sherry Dyson . However, very often these blogs are pretty dusty and new posts have been sporadic at best, and many of the posts are thinly veiled press releases.

Or worse still, these large professional practices don’t even have a blog mentioned on their home page – just corporate articles and press releases

From the amount of news, views, insights peppered all over these websites, it’s fair to say that each of the firm’s knows about the power of a content marketing strategy and thought leadership. However, the ability to engage with and personalise their content seems to be missing. People want to see the human side of a firm, and engage with them before they start working with them. Yes, long technical articles, press releases and white papers are good, but these need to be mixed up with lighter, shorter (cup of tea length) articles and musings from their fee earners. It’s these ‘personalised’ and humanised pieces which will get potential clients returning time and time again to read the blog.

Is it marketing job? Or is it the fee earner’s role? A well tended blog needs to be written by the fee earners – after all, your clients don’t want to work with your marketing department. But this is where most firms fall down, how are you incentivising, helping and supporting your fee earners to write these blogs – particularly when the work load is high? And whose role is it to co-ordinate the blog and decide on a content management plan? Ideally, this should be the partner (with support from the marketing department) whose department the blog is for.

Let’s be honest writing blogs (as well as articles & white papers) is a non-chargeable activity – and often there is no acknowledgment or credit for the writer. Someone in the firm needs to have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the blog. This person needs to be able to have a content management plan for the blog & share around the burden of writing for the blog. Let’s remember, the fee earners don’t need to do everything. For example, they only need to come up with the idea and outline for a post, and then all of this can be delegated to the marketing department or outsourced to an agency:

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