Social Media Transparency – Benefit Or Bad News?

One of the biggest benefits of Social Media, particularly if you are using the medium to “introduce” your company or services, is the transparency it can give to you. Potential new clients can see the “real you” and not a corporate image. The difficulty here is how much of yourself you show to the world.

In Facebook for instance all your friends and family are usually in your network and comments on your “Wall” can be seen by all members – which at times may prove embarrassing if your best buddy is posting photos of your antics when you were younger.

Twitter offers a little more protection as you can choose the web space you connect to, to inform the world of you . With Blogs being so easy and free to set up, you can easily create a personal profile and update regularly with “safe” real life information.

Another possibility is to produce a “personality” to represent your corporate image. This is being restricted in Facebook as they are making more checks to ensure their members are real people. Here the mix with “up close and personal details” can be separated, but the “conversation” can still be ‘one to one’ and personal. A good example of this in Twitter and Facebook is @peppersantblai. Here a donkey at a Rural Hotel in Mallorca is the PR face of the company. Daily information regarding the hotel, it’s activities, the personalities there and facts about Mallorca are exchanged. Those connecting to this profile obviously realize they are not communicating with a donkey, but can feel a “real connection” to the personality. Because the information given is current and helpful, as well as real interaction with the network members, the corporate personality offers much more than a static web page.

It is obvious that the general search engine cannot give optimum information on health related resources on the Internet. The solution to this problem is to look for a government database on health, which is reliable and historic. Medline Plus is where to go when searching for health information of any kind on the Internet. This site is a service of the United State’s national library of medicine and the national institutes of health.

The database showcases 750 health topics on conditions, diseases and wellness. Prescription tips and over-the-counter medicines, herbs and supplements are also made available. Medical Doctors and Allied health professionals will find the medical encyclopedia in the site, which include pictures and diagrams very useful. Whenever you want to refresh or remember certain medical terms, the dictionary page, which dwells on spellings and definitions of medical words come very handy.

What about current news about health and press announcements? They are abundant in the site and you can subscribe to it through RSS feed. If you are bothered about health information in your locality, the page to go is the Go Local section, which provides service for finding local resources for health, related issues. There is a direct link to PUBMED and NIH (National Institute Of Health) at the bottom of the home page.

What’s more? Over 165 interactive tutorials with slide shows are conspicuously displayed at the upper right side of the home page. If you are interested on studies for new drugs, you will find the information at the clinical trials link. There are also videos of surgical procedures. Talk about more than enough focused health information on the Internet. You can never miss out when you go to Medlineplus.

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