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The New Samsung A32

The new Samsung A32 series is all set to change the mobile world forever. This is the new flagship smartphone from Samsung that promises to be the best performing smartphone available in the market today Samsung A32 . The phone has been designed to cater to all needs and all tastes. It comes with two screens on the phone – a large one on the face for home and business use, and a small screen for use while you are out. There is also a physical home button on the side, which allows you to go directly to your home screen.

Samsung A32 5G comes equipped with the powerful quad-core Samsung Exynos processor and a high resolution, colorful display. Galaxy A32 5G sets our existing best mid-range features inside a single sleek looking smartphone. So you get expandable memory, long lasting battery, a powerful dual camera, a brilliant sharp display and brilliant, blazing fast 5GH pace. If you want a modern smartphone that will give you the power and performance you demand from the most advanced mobile phones out there, then Samsung A32 is just for you.

The A32 series also comes equipped with a few innovative features like Air Gesture functionality, Gear icon navigation and Samsung’s unique security updates and protection. With the new Samsung A32s you can enjoy Air Gesture, a new feature that allows users to activate their smartphones with just the touch of a button, as opposed to having to press the home button to bring up the options menu. Gear Icon navigation lets you launch apps with just a simple sliding gesture, which helps you get used to using your smartphone in a new way. And Samsung’s security updates and protection allows you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you have a set of smartphone that is protected and backed up by Samsung’s vast network of experts and service providers.

When it comes to features, the Samsung A32 range does not compare well with other modern smartphones. For instance, it has one of the largest LCD screens out there, even though it’s only displays sixty million dots. The next biggest LCD screen is that of the HTC Desire HD, which has just thirty million dots. But the A32 has a display that’s twenty percent larger than that of either of these smartphones, meaning that you’ll be able to view anything that you want in greater detail. In fact, the only comparison you can make with Samsung A32s would be with two of the other leading smartphones – the iPhone 4 and the HTC Evo Shift.

Samsung’s A32 range also has one other great advantage over competition, and that’s the Refresh Rate. When it comes to screen refresh rate, the A32 runs at a staggering sixty-two percent, compared to thirty-eight percent on the iPhone 4 and thirty-seven percent on the HTC Evo Shift. This means that your Arome will never experience screen burn-in, which can happen if you use your smartphone in a particularly sunny area for long periods of time. It also means that the A32 will outlast the competition when it comes to performance, thanks to its fast processor and RAM. Add to this the fact that it has one of the best battery lives you can find in a smartphone and it’s clear to see why the Samsung A32 is one of the best phones you can buy.

As for the phone’s physical design, Samsung has really outdone themselves this time, as the new Samsung A32s offer an easy to grip and nice looking design. Gone are the flamboyant, oversized bezels of the earlier phones, which have been replaced by a sleeker and more sleek look. You also no longer have to have an external dock to connect your Arome to your PC or laptop, as the A32 can support MHL as well as standard USB connectivity. Finally, the screen itself has been toughened up to make it more durable, although it is possible to receive cracking sound from time to time. All in all, the new Samsung A32 gives you a lot to like from a mobile phone.

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