Hot Safari Slot Review: 50 Lions as Jackpot!

The Hot Safari slot is very reminiscent of the 50 Lions slot. It is kind of popular because of  its uniqueness. 

Both slots are all about the lion symbols – if you spin your whole screen full of lions, you can start cheering very loudly. It has something extra: the lions count as wild (joker).

Hot Safari Slot Review

Hot Safari has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bet is $0,25 per spin, the maximum bet is $200 per spin.

1. How Does Hot Safari Work?

The symbols exist – how surprising! – from animals of the savannah: elephant, rhino, zebra, antelope and meerkat.

A monkey counts as a scatter. If you spin three monkeys anywhere on the reels, then the bonus round starts, consisting of 10 free spins.

The lion counts as a game and also has a special characteristic. If you turn a lion in the middle of a roll, the lion folds out over the entire roll.

Furthermore, on the reels you will find the symbols A, K, Q, J and 10, just like with the slot machine 50 Lions.

However, Hot Safari has something 50 Lions doesn’t: a sixth role. Here are numbers from 1x to 10x. Your total winnings from a spin are multiplied by this factor.

In addition to a number, the sixth reel can also stop on ‘Super Wild’. If that happens, you get an extra spin, with one lion guaranteed on each roll.

Again, if the lion stops in the middle of the roll, it will fold out. If you’re really lucky, all five lions will stop in the middle of the reel and score a screen full of lions. Jackpot!.

2. The 1000 Spins on Hot Safari

We played 1000 spins in a row on its sloti with a bet of $0.25 per spin.

The ending is very entertaining, also thanks to the cheerful jungle soundtrack. But after the first 200 spins, we are already almost $17 lighter. What a pity. The Super Wild has only appeared once and it only yields $1.53. Ai!

Fortunately, we scored two fatter Super Wilds soon after: $12.25 and $7.08. Look, that’s more of a hurry. In total, the Super Wild fell eight times, with an average yield of $5.97.

The bonus round with 10 free spins comes eleven times, with the highest profit $12.74.

What is disappointing is the sixth role with the multipliers. Nice to see, but the times you get above the x5 can be counted on one hand. In 1000 spins, we received a multiplier of x10 exactly once, which resulted in a final prize of $1.50. Mwah.

The result after 1000 spins is unfortunately also a bit disappointing: $56.77 loss.

In conclusion, if you like to play the 50 Lions slot machine, the Hot Safari slot will feel like an old, loyal acquaintance for you. 

Actually, it is more exciting, because the lions also count as jokers. That’s not the case at 50 Lions. However, beware of the lock because it is quite whimsical. If you are lucky, your balance can quickly increase. 

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