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Reasons to Love Collectible Dolls

What is our fascination with the collectible doll market of today? What is new that is happening now that makes us continue to want to collect these beautiful dolls. Lets look at just a few of the reasons why we love to collect these dolls.

Sure, the antique dolls are always of value, and they hold a lot of sentimental value if they have been passed down from our mothers or grandmothers ラブドール . That is probably what started your first fascination with dolls. But we have evolved, and we now are our own generation that has changed with the times. You continue to look for something that speaks to you when you find that perfect doll. It’s different for everyone, and that’s what makes doll collecting so wonderful. There are so many new doll designers because not everyone looks at the dolls in the same way, or wants the same doll…

We now have a new choice and classic updates for our older favorite lines. The designers are staying true to their retro look but have now made new designs, bright colors, and a modern influence for the new collector. The dolls and there fashions have to continually change to make it new, all the time. Every year, there is a new line for each of these companies. We collectors love this. That is why we collect in the first place. We look forward to the new lines and designs, and are rarely disappointed.

The dolls of today are so life like, that they can almost fool you into thinking they are actually real. Regardless if you think this reborn baby design is adorable or creepy, you have to admit there is a fascination with life like dolls. You can just look at these precious babies, and they can take you back to when you had your first child, or held your first grandchild. Or maybe you haven’t started your family yet, but this is what you imagine your perfect baby looking like. Perhaps you are a young mom, and this is something that you and your little girl can enjoy doing together, playing dolls. There is nothing wrong with us “big” girls playing dolls too. Just remember, no one says anything to the “big” boys when they are playing with their toy “cars”, toy “trains”, or whatever the “boys” like to tinker with.

The new pose able 24″-34″ ball-jointed dolls are just as fascinating. Have you ever had to stop and do a double take when you see these dolls in a boutique or in a magazine? They look so real. How do these artists do this? Some have real human hair wigs and real eyelashes. They are about the same height as a little toddler girl or boy, and they can now be posed in any number of cute positions. Once again, the choice is yours, “real baby”, or “real toddler”. Just remember, they now only create a limited edition of these specialty dolls, and once that number is reached they are retired and do not make any more. That’s what makes them so special. Not everyone you know has exactly the same doll you have.

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