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Genital Exam – Why You Should Get Yours Today!

Just in case you visit a doctor to report conditions that may suggest the presence of STD; chances are, your doctor will perform a genital exam to further understand your real medical condition CEH v10. Such examinations will give your doctor the chance to better recognize the symptoms that you are experience, while at the same time gathering information to clearly establish the disease. Keep in mind that genital exam is different for male and female hence you cannot expect that you will have the same experience with your boyfriend the time when he had his own exam.
Female Genital Exam

For female, this involves the process of pelvic exam in order to check the internal and external reproductive organs so as to further observe some signs of a disease. More often than not, the pelvic exam is as always accompanied by a pap smear. For some obvious reasons, it is highly advised that women must schedule their pelvic exam to fall during those times when she is not having her periods. On the other hand, when the condition is accompanied by worrisome symptoms like burning sensation during urination or abnormal discharge then the pelvic exam must be scheduled the soonest.

Be reminded that for pelvic exam to take place properly, the woman should not douche or even make use of vaginal spray and powder. Also, one should not insert something into the vagina even with the case of the penis for at least 24 hours before the examination. Then the examination will be done at the clinic.

For the male, the doctor will have to do a visual and manual examination to the penis, spermatic cord, epididymis, testicles, and vas deferens. If needed, the doctor will have to examine the rectum or the anal and including the prostate gland. It is vital for every patient to tell the doctor if he is having sores or ulcers, some pain within the area, unusual discharge, and other symptom so that the doctor will know what to look for during the examination. The process may cause due uncomfort to men though there is never a time when patient would complain that they are feeling pain towards the whole process.

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