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Nano molecular treatments for cycles

With excellent insulating capability thanks to the Aerogel nano material, and long lasting efficiency, nanotechnology can be integrated also in the external coating of a solar cable, using Titanium Oxide nano particles enriched PVC. Titanium Oxide is a nano material with excellent photocatalyst properties, and protects the solar tube from external aggressions, UV rays and bad weather conditions, but also makes it resistant to attack of insects, rodents and birds, that cannot damage it. Mechanical properties of aerogel and the strength of nanotech coating 光觸媒燈 turn the cable into a resistant to pressure and heat solution, and it can be easily installed in an underfloor chase, without losing its insulating properties. Nanotechnology application in solar and photovoltaic sector allows a reduction of business costs, with easier installing operations, longer life-length and, most of all, with increased insulating efficiency, using the lightest and most surprising material in insulation, Aerogel.

There are many other nanotechnology applications for the building and construction sector, and for the clean energy field, spacing from Aerogel blankets, double-tube insulated pipes for solar applications and nanotechnology insulating coatings, totally safe and environmental-friendly with superior thermal insulating power, achieving corrosion protection and high rust, mold and fungi resistance for walls and other materials, from wood to Pvc, plastic materials, fiberglass, steel and aluminium. These solutions achieve energy efficiency of buildings and homes, in commercial and residential sites. Also, a wide range of nano coating products is available for the treatment of materials, ranging from glass, ceramics, cement and tissues, making them easy to clean and more resistant to wear. And Nanotechnology applications are going straight forward to the wellness of people, with several products and nanotechnology solutions for sport, such as nano molecular treatments for cycles and cars and refrigerating solutions for athletes and runners.

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