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University Degree – A Must For The Knowledge Revolution

At one time a university degree offered a competitive advantage. Today it has almost become a necessity. We need specialised knowledge and skills in order to survive and a university education provides the basis.

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A university degree is not a single product. There are numerous ways of classifying the degrees on offer làm bằng cấp 3. The most common classification is based on the extent of study required to obtain the degree. The simplest degree is the Associate Degree. Unfortunately it does not have much worth. All it says that you did come here but did not get to first base. For all practical purposes the first base is the Bachelor’s Degree, which signifies the completion of undergraduate studies. On completion of postgraduate studies the Master’s Degree is awarded. Further studies and research results in the Doctorate Degree, which is commonly known as the Ph.D. Acquisition of this degree signifies that one has reached the cutting edge of knowledge.

Another way of classifying a university degree is according the stream of knowledge. There are science degrees offered in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Engineering degrees are offered in electrical, civil, chemical and other disciplines of engineering. Arts degrees are offered in music, religion, fashion design and a host of similar subjects. The social sciences degrees include political science, law and sociology. The list is virtually endless and includes information technology, business, healthcare and many more.

A recent classification is a campus degree versus an online degree. A campus degree requires the students to attend classes on the university campus. For an online degree the student can study the course material obtained through the Internet at home. Though an online degree offers significant conveniences, a campus degree offers a richer educational experience. Live and continuous interaction with ones peers, on matter academic or otherwise, is an experience that cannot be simulated.

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